Risk Type Compass

“The people side of risk, using the Risk Type Compass.”

Risk dispositions impact the decision making of individuals, the inter-personal dynamics of teams and the risk culture of organisations. Knowing how each individual perceives and reacts to risk and uncertainty – the way that they deal with the continual flow of conscious and unconscious decisions – provides invaluable insight into the vulnerabilities and effectiveness of decision making at all levels.


An exceptionally reliable psychometric tool, the Risk Type Compass supports the cognitive diversity required at all levels to maximise effectiveness and avoid ‘group think’, ‘risk polorisation’ and ‘cognitive dissonance‘. The only tool that reveals the critical balance between emotion and cognition which, according to neuroscience, characterise decision making, the RTC addresses issues at the core of organisational success, ensuring that diversity developments are balanced and sustainable.


Registered and recognised by the British Psychological Society (BPS), and developed by highly experienced Chartered Psychologists, the Risk Type Compass reflects the neuroscience of decision-making. The Risk Type Compass personality assessment places individuals into one of eight distinctive Risk Types. By identifying natural differences in risk appetite, you can maximise potential and balance the contributions of risk-takers and more risk-averse individuals. The assessment is easily administered online and takes just 10-20 minutes to complete.