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CLOSED Vacancy – Lead Risk Management Consultant (Manager)

Meet Ashleigh

Question: Why did you choose a career in Risk Management?

I chose a career in Risk Management as I am interested in real life trends, both existing and emerging, and how they can influence the business environment globally, including how organisations approach threats and opportunities. The global environment is ever-changing and evolving and I knew that by choosing a career in Risk Management, each day would be interesting.

Question: What makes working at Ubiquitous Risk exciting?

Working at Ubiquitous Risk is very exciting as I enjoy the variety of my role. I have the opportunity to work with different clients and with a team who are passionate about what they do. Every day is different at Ubiquitous Risk, whether it be learning about emerging risks, new risk technology, or progressing with my professional qualifications. 

Question:  What three things do you look forward to everyday?

The thing I most look forward to each day is being with my team; we have a great positive culture. Next, I am happy that I have the autonomy to manage my own diary and client commitments but that I also get to spend time with my team, collaborating on different topics and themes.  Finally, I really enjoy keeping up to date with the latest trends and news in Risk Management, including in the media, industry insights and publications. I am passionate about conducting research to understanding risk and how it affects organisations and their approach risk management.