Enterprise Risk Management

"Our ERM offering is underpinned by our unique, industry focused insight.”

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) enables organisations to develop and deliver their strategy through adopting a holistic approach to identifying and managing risk.  We support our clients to develop robust ERM frameworks, with supporting processes to identify, evaluate, treat, monitor, review and report; integral and interlinked functions.  

The most successful organisations are those that understand that they cannot stand still and that in order to prosper they must take risk and look to exploit opportunities.  Our services in ERM support our clients to pursue their strategic direction whilst providing guidance on on how to manage risk exposures appropriately.  Often, organisations fail to identify relevant opportunities which can influence the direction of the strategy and so we strive to actively engage our clients in a multi-dimensional view of threats and opportunities.

Ubiquitous Risk’s services in ERM support clients in their decision making to achieve success. From drafting policies and procedures, facilitating risk workshops and reviews, to developing and reviewing risk registers, we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients have the best chance of achieving their objectives.